Monday, November 30, 2009

So You Think You Can Judge?

What is going on with this show?! I have watched all five previous seasons and never before have I had such a problem with the judges decisions! And, the top twenty dancers are lacking in the personality area! AND the only choreographers that are producing good dances are the oldees like NappyTabs, Wade, Tyce, and Sonya...Mia Michael's absence is taking a toll on the show. I love Adam Shankman....HOWEVER, he is way too nice a judge! He needs to be harsh sometimes! And, having him permanently on the panel makes it so that we can't have guest judges! I loved the switching up of the panel every week! (except when they brought lil' C on the panel. kill me.)

A couple of weeks ago, they got rid of Peter, the attractive, funny, sweet tapdancer that helped mentally challenged children learn to dance. What the fudge?! He was an amazing dancer with a personality that was stepping outside his comfort zone every week! Isn't that what the show's about?! I guess not anymore.Last week, they got rid of Channing over Karen. Karen cannot dance unsexily. Channing was a beautiful dancer. The judges justified their decision by saying the Karen was a star. Um, sexy does not a star make, my friends! Channing had a funny personality and was a great dancer. UGH! AND, this week, they kept Ryan over Victor!!!! I hate Ryan. His head is too small for his body and his body scares me. It shouldn't look like that. And he thinks he's Dimitri or something always wearing an open shirt. You're NOT Dimitri! Not even close. I love Travis's choreography...and I would have loved his last dance even more had Ryan not been the male partner! Oy. He's so annoying! Victor was a beautiful dancer! PLUS he was the only person who didn't look like a munchkin standing next to Kat. Did you see his pirouette?! They were ridiculous! Like Danny and Travis ridiculous! And he had a personality! He was funny! Is Ryan funny? No. The only thing funny about Ryan is his face. Victor has done nothing wrong. He shouldn't even have been in the bottom three! The blackbird dance was great! AND when Nigel was talking about Victor, he basically said how great he was and how there was nothing wrong with him... well then what the fudge, Nigel!? The minute Jakob or Nathan leaves, I'm done! I give up!

Are you satisfied with the show this season?


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  2. Hey Squeegee,

    You're hilarious! Can't wait to read more!
    And what about how terrible Laurie Ann's dances have been?! I've been SO disappointed by those.

  3. I agree on Ryan. I don't dislike him but I would have surely kept Victor over him. Come on! And I'm glad that Karen's gone. Not glad but..I guess it was the right thing to do.

  4. I completely agree about Mia's abscences taking a toll on the show. There is definitely something seriously wrong with the judging this season. If I had it my Mollee and Nathan would have been gone two weeks ago and Channing and Victor would still be in the contest.